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July 2023 - Vol. 2, Issue 2

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Top 10 Benefits of a B2B Services Marketplace For SMB Users

  1. Increased access to a wide range of services: SMB users can access a diverse selection of services from various providers all in one place. This saves time and effort spent on searching for service providers individually.

  2. Cost savings: B2B services marketplaces often promote competitive pricing and allow SMB users to compare quotes from different providers. This enables cost savings by finding the best value-for-money services.

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How to Grow Your Business — Even When You Have No Idea What You're Doing

Growing a business can be tough, especially if you have no idea what you're doing. Starting ProcureHub Marketplace took us through the different trials and tribulations that come with starting a business. Emily Berch from the "Daily Entrepreneur" provides amazing insights on her customer journey and her path to growing her business. 

"Starting a business, let alone growing one, is not for the faint of heart. It takes time, patience and a lot of humility. In 10 years of owning my own business, our growing pains have had their own growing pains, but at this point, I can safely say they have transformed into gains.

I've learned the hard way that expansion is a necessary step in growth, but doing so in a manner that doesn't feel like two steps back for every one step forward has been the most challenging part for me. Growth should be an exciting process that couples a thoughtful approach with some creative bootstrapping and an unwavering "go get 'em" attitude." (Berch, 2023)

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News & Events!

SME Expo 2023!

We officially launched ProcureHub at SME Expo 2023 last month and the reaction by attendees and exhibitors has been phenomenal.

BizCon 2023!

ProcureHub will be exhibiting at this years Business Expo & Conference! Get your tickets and join us! 

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Welcome to ProcureHub!

We're proud to have the following businesses join us as Founding Suppliers on ProcureHub Marketplace. To checkout their services and more visit

LightSwitch Media offers experienced and knowledgeable marketing solutions to help businesses reach their full potential

Ted Crysler Professional Corporation specializes in providing alternative solutions to corporations with technology, corporate and commercial law legal needs


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BookTrib Review -  How NOT To Get Screwed By Your Suppliers And SAVE Millions! 

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