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Februray 2024 - Vol. 5, Issue 2

Celebrating resilience, triumph, and contributions. Black History Month shines a light on a rich tapestry of stories that inspire us all. #BlackHistoryMonth

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10 Tips to Prepare for a Financial System Implementation

At ProcurePro we have implemented a number of financial systems (FinSys) for our mid-sized clients as either a stand-alone system or combined with other modules in an enterprise resource planning system (ERP). Last year we wrote an article on Implementing an ERP System – 10 Things to Consider First which we hope you found useful. An ERP system includes multiple systems such as Finance, HR, Payroll, Inventory, Purchasing etc. For this particular article let’s narrow that down to just the implementation of a financial system … how hard can that be? In our experience, if your organization does not do the appropriate preparation ahead of time, it can be a very long, arduous process that may end up costing your organization thousands in time and money!

So, you’ve chosen your financial system, how can you prepare for the implementation? What are the things you and your team must do before the implementation team even hits the ground … well, let us tell you!

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International Conference for Women In Business

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