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March 2024 - Vol. 5, Issue 3

This month we are celebrating and empowering women in honour of #InternationalWomensDay

Women in business are breaking barriers and reshaping industries worldwide. With determination, resilience, and innovation, they are carving out their paths to success, challenging stereotypes, and driving meaningful change. From entrepreneurs launching startups to executives leading Fortune 500 companies, women bring unique perspectives, creativity, and expertise to the table. Despite facing challenges such as gender bias and unequal opportunities, their impact on the global economy continues to grow.

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Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: The Role of Male Allies

As we celebrate International Women's Month, it's important to reflect on the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and the pivotal role male (and female) allies play in their journey towards success.  

In today's dynamic business landscape, fostering an environment of inclusivity and support is not just a moral imperative but a strategic advantage.  If for no other reason, the case for allies to support female entrepreneurs just makes for good dollars and cents! 

Some of the greatest challenges faced by Women Entrepreneurs: 

  1. Access to Funding: 

In Canada, women-led startups account for approximately 17.5% of all private-sector businesses but received only 2.3% of total venture capital (VC) funding worldwide in 2020 

This disparity highlights the challenges faced by female-founded companies in accessing VC funding compared to their male counterparts. Despite receiving significantly less capital, women-founded ventures often generate more revenue than male-founded companies.  

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Women Changing Careers: A Guide To Successful Transitions

For women, especially those classified as high-achievers, changing careers is critical to their success as leaders. McKinsey reported that since 2015, the number of women in the C-suite has increased from 17 to 28 percent.

As one navigates through the complexities of altering career paths, it’s essential to recognize pivot points. That is a critical juncture mandating informed decisions to align future opportunities with personal growth and professional aspirations.

Embarking on a career transition requires an inner desire for change. Profoundly personal and often complex, these motives are the compass guiding your career journey.

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